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Rhea Krčmářová


luminous monsters / where do you hide your circlets / where do you breathe your
glamour / where did you bury your crowns / a queen with / another name / will
never whisper of / surrender / and in her velvet poems / a moonstone word will


the thread of threads / and bone of bones / will weave their silent story / and on
my gilded fingertips / a trace of looming glory


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what exactly is the power / that seems to be nesting / within my core of cores / is it
a swarm of self-created riddles / shining in the light of / eternal rhinestones / is it
the countless murmurs / of my collected pleasures / who guide my way through /
the valleys of doubt

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Zuletzt erschien von Rhea Krčmářová: Böhmen ist der OzeanErzählungen. Kremayr & Scheriau, Wien 2018. 208 Seiten. Euro 19,90

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