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The 10,000 Things

The 10,000 Things

Harald Gsaller

The 10,000 Things (TAOArt)

The “Daodejing” describes the process of creating the world at the beginning of time in the famous four steps 1,2, 3, and then the 10,000 [Things]. The Myriad Things themselves now show a wild order in the form of some graphically organized “Charts of the 10,000 things” (purportedly found near Mawangdui) – each chart in “Cloud script” being a kind of “cosmic type case to use”. – Supposedly there is nothing between heaven and earth/in space and in us, which could not be found/understood when reading/looking at these charts.

Lecture Performance (25 min / 2021 / © HG):

Sound effects obtained from
[Thanks to my brother Guenther Gsaller (Ried/Innkreis) for the 3D animation clips in ch. 4.2; © GG]

Stills from “The 10,000 Things”:

from the chapter “Hundun/The Primordial Chaos”
from “Heaven and Earth (and Mankind)”
“The Sacred Chart of the 10,000 Things (Fragment from Mawangdui, beige ground)”
“The Sacred Chart of the 10,000 Things (Fragment from Mawangdui, azure ground)”


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